Snug as a Bug

There is nothing quite like going home. While technically I am not at home (Ottawa or Nipawin) – I consider Blauberg to be pretty close to being home. I have been here so much in the last three years, that I’m totally comfortable here. I walk into the little grocery store next door and the ladies recognize me. I popped into the bakery down the street and the lady there remembered me. Went to 4Bikes today and the owner Peter, remembered me and started asking about my season. Nice. Really nice.

Experiences like this make it so much easier for me to be here alone. I am alone but I do know some people and can have a short conversation with someone. Plus, Jos and Tim are just down the street – these guys are awesome and have made each trip I’ve had here so much better.

I put my bikes together this morning. Had an issue with the headset on one of my bikes, so I decided to take it into 4Bikes to get sorted. Then since I was taking in one bike, decided it would be smart to take in the other bike to get checked out. I don’t want them to collapse under me this weekend, so decided to err on the careful side. Couldn’t pick them up until 4:00, so I only managed a short little ride. Enough to spin the legs out and feel the fresh air on my cheeks.

I have to say it was pretty awesome to be rolling along the road. I forgot how nice it is to ride here. Amazing bicycle paths. The attention and respect of motorists. It all makes for very pleasant riding. I was going to go on the group ride tomorrow but plans have changed. I need to get the tire sorted tomorrow (went today and told to return on Wednesday) – and the timing of this conflicts with the group ride. Oh well, the group ride won’t disappear so I’ll just have to wait until next Tuesday for my first ride with the group.

Things are coming together for the weekend. Jos is coming to help me out with the pit, logistics, etc. This is a massive help to me. It looks like Nommay will be muddy – so I definitely cannot solo this race. Plus it will be great to have some company during the drive. I’m sure between the two of us, we have enough stories to fill up the drive. Great to see that Nikki Harris is racing this weekend. She had some super form this summer but had a crash at the Road World Champs. Should make for a fun weekend – racing and catching up with friends.

Not much else going on. Been busy with the errands this morning and then getting unpacked and settled in here. Time to sign off from the computer and chill out. Think a movie is in order. Have a good one. If you see Marc – give him a hug for me!