Go Time

Literally and figuratively it is go time. I’m ready to go. My bag is packed. Bikes are ready. Wheels are in wheel bags. Trainer has been tested. Got the bucket of stuff ready (rags, cleaning products, oil, lube, spare bits, etc.). Trainer wheel is ready (thanks Jos). Tire decisions have been considered and discussed. Bikes are shiny and clean. I’ve crammed every piece of Ottawa Cross and KingsBridge clothing into my gear bag. Sandwiches for the road are made. Got some fruit as well. Tasty recovery drink has been procured. Oh yeah – you know it – Cecemel. Nothing better than a Cecemel after a race.

Legs feel good. Brain is fresh. Lungs and heart are pumping full blast. Had a great ride today. Explored some of my favorite training roads in and around the Blauberg forest. Pedaled past a creamery (that’s what I’m calling it!) – they make/sell ice cream, yogurt, milk, cheese, etc. – definitely need to check it out next week. Had a generally perfect ride. Listened to some great podcasts again – fascinating discussion with Michael Chabon on NPR.

I’ve got the race course imprinted on my brain. Thanks to watching/studying a video of last year’s World Cup. Last year was crazy muddy. And based on the weather forecast for this weekend, it looks to be another epic mud day. Good. I wanted one of these early. I love mud. I love mud. The course looks very challenging but not crazy. Some steep climbs, fast descents, tricky corners, a few places where you can get some speed up, crazy stairs. Really, a typical cyclo-cross course. It is gonna be good.

I had a great talk with my coach today. Poor guy I talked his ear off – this is what happens sometimes. We had a great chat. Talked about my week, how my legs feel, how my brain feels, etc. Typical coach/athlete talks. Extra bonus is that he and his fiance are hosting Marc this weekend for the Northampton racing action. Thanks Steve and Darcy for taking in Marc! Remember the hug!

Well, I best be off. I want to unwind a bit and talk to my favorite guy. I’ll leave you with some words from my coach – they apply to all of you out there racing this weekend:

“Go Like Hell”

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