The Day Before

It is once again the day before a race. This means there is a bit of a ritual to go through. Just like the pre-race warm-up ritual, every rider has a system for getting ready for the race the day before. Myself, well I like to be organized. Some might say over-organized. I’ve relaxed my organization tendencies a bit but I still like to have everything taken care of. This way, I can relax.

So today was spent getting ready for the race in Niel. I got in a very good ride this morning. Hit up the great bicycle path and popped out along the canal for more great bicycle path riding. Got in a little over two hours with some sprints to open my legs. The time really passed quickly today. It was pleasantly warm as well. I had some really good sensations during the ride. Physically and mentally. The sprints went well. All in all, a very enjoyable ride.

As soon as I got in I got busy cleaning both bikes. They were both just a little dirty from the last two days of training. Cleaned the Nommay mud off the shoes. Got tires sorted. Got the bucket organized. Wheels in wheel bags. Everything is organized in the garage for easy packing in the morning. Now I just have to get my race bag organized and prepare my food. This takes little to no time since I pretty much take the same clothes and food to each race.

Best part of the day was the afternoon. I had a wicked good nap. Tuned the laptop to CBC Radio and dozed while listening to bits and pieces of The Current and Q. Woke up feeling well rested. Got a few errands done and now I’m back at the house relaxing. Considering watching an episode of Californication. So glad Marc loaded my computer up with some television shows and movies. Only programs I’m missing are The Amazing Race and Top Chef.

So race tomorrow. I watched the video of last year’s race. Wow – what a muddy slog. It helped to watch it though to see that even the top elite men were running descents and struggling in some sections. Helps me keep perspective. I’m not sure if the course has changed much this year. Find out tomorrow morning. Jos and I are hitting the road early. I want to get there in time to get registered, do a few laps of the course and then have time to chill out and then hop on the trainer. Looking forward to racing. I’ve got a few mini-goals I want to accomplish tomorrow. Should be good. I presume we’ll stay to watch the elite men’s race. I’ll bring my camera and try to take some pictures for you.

Alright, time to get off this computer. (Well, one more blog post to write for Victoria’s Island and then I’m going to watch some David Duchovny action.) Thanks for reading. Tomorrow is a national holiday here in Belgium (well I think all of Europe). Strange that November 11 is not a national holiday in Canada.

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