Really feeling like a biker. My legs know what to do. My head stays clear. No crazy brain happening. Focused on the ride and the goals from the ride. Taking it all in. Listening to my breath. Feeling my legs. That sweet dull ache. The explosion in the pedals when I push hard.

The wheels roll along. Reminding me of how much living there is to be done. The bike this week is taking me places I’ve never been before. I’m just really feeling it. Things are coming together. I’ve had a good few weeks here. Some ups and downs. I’ve got a big week coming up. A couple of big races on the schedule. But I’m ready for it. The sensations are spot on.

I’m recovering well between rides. I want to do more. But I hold back – need to stick to the plan. The ‘cross skills are coming. Slowly but surely. Progress is happening. Snap is coming to my legs. I’m learning how to use my body more effectively. There is no room for negativity in my head space. There is no shoulda, coulda, or woulda. I’ve only got: gonna, can, and did it. The way it should be.

Funny how it takes so long to get to this point. More to the point, I’m fully confident that there is definitely more to come. More of this. More of that. This is what makes the crazy game of bikin’ so much fun. So important to my daily breathe. I do a lot of learning and growing on my bike. Super lucky to have this. My only hope is that you have this as well.