In the Woods

Ah, nothing like the Friday ride. Especially when it comes the day before a double-header weekend. For me today this meant a recovery ride. I had a couple of pretty heavy days this week so it was all about recharging. Perfect. Decided to throw the Michelin Jets on and pump them up a bit. Hopped on the road and pedaled off to Averbode to play in the woods.

Rolled around on some trails at the Averbode Abby and then hit up a new-to-me bicycle path. Wow, what a bicycle path. Wide. Smooth. And best of all, it took me to another great training park. This park has dedicated trails for running, cycling, and horseback riding. Perfect. I had a blast rolling around in the woods sheltered from the rain and wind. Found some super fun singletrack and some awesome fire road type trails. Got turned around for a bit and did a bit of head scratching trying to find my way out. But this is all part of the adventure. Then I hopped back on the wonderful bicycle path and followed it for a bit – it seems to go on forever. Nice. Nothing like finding a new path to ride.

I plan on returning on Monday to check it out further. I’m always looking for good paths to ride when I have long intervals to do. I can’t believe how many parks and nature preserves there are around here. Pretty impressive to have so much green space for such a small country. The best part is seeing that these green spaces are actually used by people – it doesn’t seem to matter the time of day or weather – there are always others out walking, jogging, cycling, or horseback riding.

I had wanted to ride in the Blauberg Forest today, but this sign deterred me:

Well, that’s about it for today. It is getting a bit late so I best be off to bed. Early start tomorrow. Marc is racing at 11 (I think) and I’m racing at 2 (I think). But the good news is the bikes are all ready to go, my race bag is packed, food is sorted for tomorrow, and it is a very short drive to the race. Best of all, Marc and I get to watch either race – it has been a long time since we’ve been able to do this.

(Sending some speedy vibes down to Rhode Island for our pals Steve and Josee. Pedal hard. Have fun. Enjoy Rhode Island – my all-time favorite state.)

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