Wow – I’m generally not left wordless… But you guys have done just that. I’ve received a number of amazing emails and comments about my last few posts. The support and understanding truly has been overwhelming. It is challenging for me to describe the effect your words have. Just know that they really do mean a lot and I take everything you have to write and say to heart.

So on this fine New Year’s Eve, I just want to say thank-you. Thank-you for the support. Thank-you for the encouragement. Thank-you for the cheering. Thank-you for the photos. Thank-you for the pit work. Thank-you for the drives to races. Thank-you for the advice. Thank-you for the hugs and pats on the back. Thank-you for the tough words. Thank-you for understanding. Thank-you for helping me stick to my goals and dreams. Thank-you for helping make my goals and dreams a reality. Thank-you for being part of Ottawa Cross.


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