Ever have one of those days or even a couple of days where you just feel the good vibes? Everything seems to be clicking. The legs feel good. The head is clear. The hear is pumping. You feel like some progress is being made. You just really are having a good time out on that two-wheeler.

Well, this is exactly how the last couple of days of training have gone. Yesterday was a great day of riding at the Averbode Abby race course. Then today I went to Sint-Niklaas with Marc and rode for a good 90 minutes on the race course. I loved this course. It was super fast. Frozen hard ground. A fun fly-over. A fast descent. Twists and turns in the woods. A lot of fun. I did have thoughts about racing…

But after standing in the pits for Marc’s race, I was frozen. So no race for me. I think this is probably best anyway. I had great sensations on the bike today and can go to bed feeling confident with my riding today. Again, no massive improvements but I’m sure there were some minor ones. I’m slowly but surely munching away at the elephant.

Had fun after the race hanging out with Luc and catching up with people in the cafe. Great way to relax at a race is with friends. Marc had a great race – he finished 7th. Unfortunately a crash and some mechanicals bumped him out of the top 5, but a good race nonetheless.

Tomorrow I’m racing in Tervuren. I’ve never raced there before but from what I’ve heard it is a pretty fun course in a beautiful setting. Many thanks to Jos for taking me to the race and helping me out tomorrow. Looking forward to Sunday. I’m sure that the good vibes will follow me tomorrow and I’ll have more fun on my two-wheeler!

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