I ride with destination in mind. A destination that cannot be found on a map. It is a destination found only deep inside my soul. This destination keeps the wheels turning and the fires burning. This is why I ride a bicycle.

The destination is deeply intertwined with desire. Desire to be stronger, faster, smarter, happier, fulfilled. I don’t know if the destination and the desire will ever truly meet head-on. Suppose this would be true bicycle riding nirvana. Not sure if I want that – because then what?

The new year is a time of goals, dreams, retrospectives, and opportunity. I’m getting there. Slowly but surely. I’m putting together some of these. No resolutions for me. Rather a fresh way of considering the destination. This destination seems to ebb and flow with my soul.

Can I? Should I? Too high? Not high enough? When is enough enough? What do you think?

The desire is the reason for these questions. I want. I want it all. I crave it. But is it possible? Is the desire beyond the destination? Is the destination reason enough for the desire?

What comes first: destination or desire?

The only way I will know is to keep riding my bicycle. My name is Vicki Thomas and I have to ride my bicycle each and everyday. Pedaling seems to make everything make sense. The destination and desire are clear for those precious minutes and hours. It is the time away that makes it all seem so blurry.

For now, I can only focus on the destination and the desire will keep flowing.

Why do you ride a bicycle?

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