All Thumbs

So my thumb. What a hassle. Just got back from the doctor. It is badly sprained. Luckily it is not broken. But I’m not racing tomorrow or this weekend. This is a bummer.

I really was looking forward to racing in Surhuisterveen. Cool downtown course. And just simply fun to race in a mid-week race. Besides, I love to race – so why miss the chance. Also a drag about Roubaix. I was looking forward to racing in all the World Cups this season and of course to racing in Roubaix. I guess I’ll have to wait until next year.

Basically, I need to give my thumb some time to heal. The risk of crashing and doing further damage that would put at risk my ability to race in Tabor, are much too high. So we take the safe and smart road. This is definitely not the most fun road. But in the long run, the correct decision.

My mood? Well, it is what it is. Disappointed I can’t race. But I can train. And my thumb is not severely injured. So no need to be down in the dumps. Just a little bump in the road. I’ve been through worse, so this is nothing. Looking forward to getting in some good hard trainer work-outs and cheering Marc on tomorrow. Yep, we’re leaving at the crack of dawn on Wednesday so that Marc can race in Surhuisterveen.

So, with this, I’m going to sign off. I’ve got some organizing to do for our little road trip. Have a good one.

One thought on “All Thumbs

  1. dont worry too much about missing roubaix. The death drops there make the one in Zolder seem like a stroll through the park – literally! Your thumb will thank you for sitting this one out and collecting your energy for the next one.

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