Recovery Day

Nothing like the Monday ride. For me, Monday typically is all about recovery. 90 minutes of relaxed sightseeing riding. I had a fantastic ride. Got out on my favorite Belgian roads and simply took in the scenery. (I’ve posted a bunch of photos over on Victoria’s Island).

So good smooth ride. Not only recovery for the legs but for the brain and soul as well. I really wanted to go out and hit up the trails. I even verbalized this. Mistake! Two people sitting at the table responded instantly: “what about your thumb?”. So that was that. I stuck to the road. No trails for me. I stared at the trails as I pedaled by.

After riding, I have to admit, my thumb is still sore. The bumping and jostling is not friendly to my sprained thumb. And now I’ve developed a rash to the tape… So I’m no longer taping my thumb. Ah yes, woe is me :). Really it is not that bad. It could always be worse (as I always say!).

Looking forward to some racing this weekend and of course next weekend!

Marc and I had a great night last night. We hooked up with our pals Renee and Anne for a great night. We saw their house and the amazing work they’re doing and then went out for a fine meal. I had the best salad I’ve ever had. Yes – salad can be that good! We had a great night talking, telling stories, chatting, etc. A great night. We could have talked all night. Thanks Renee and Anne for the fabulous hospitality and for dinner! We plan to do the same for you when you come to Canada!

Alright, time to sign off now. I’ve got a call in a little bit to work on some mental training. I’m in the early stages of this process but I can say that already I’m seeing some small steps forward. Like anything, small steps and it will take time to see the real benefits.

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