Road Trip

The road trip to Tabor, Czech Republic starts in a few hours. We are driving through the night. Well, I’m not driving, I’m sleeping and chillaxing – Marc and Alex of Soigneur Race Services are driving.

I’m looking forward to getting to Tabor and settling into the hotel. Will be an interesting week – really don’t want to do too much. Rest. Train on the course. Get it dialed in technically. Have fun. Hang out with the other races. Put the legs up. Read my books. Relax with some magazine. Watch movies on the laptop. Then get out there and race on Sunday.

A pretty good week. Then we’ll be back here for a bit and then either home or to London, England for some relaxation.

Check in tomorrow – hopefully I have Internet access…

Many many thanks to my sponsors for their support in this journey:

KingsBridge Disaster Recovery
The Cyclery
Bell Lap Coaching
Clif Bar
Outdoor Gear Canada

One thought on “Road Trip

  1. Face it, you have Marianne Vos, checking the rear view mirror. Don’ t let her fans rattle you with mind games. Be flattered they go to the trouble of tracking down your blog!. Relax, ride your best, write your own script!! Good luck

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