Almost Go Time

Dudes, it is almost time. Almost go time. I couldn’t be more stoked. I’m feeling good. I just want to get out there and race. Soak it all up. Have fun. Smile. Pedal hard and savor racing in the Cyclo-Cross World Championships.

Pretty quiet day here. Especially since we didn’t have Internet access all afternoon and evening… Ah well, I relaxed with my book and magazines.

Frosty out there again so I hopped on the trainer for a 75 minute spin. I watched the women’s World Championships race from a few years ago. Amazing how much can change in a couple of laps. Hanka went from leading the race (and I what I thought was a sure win) to not being on the podium. Bummer for her. But good for the others. See cyclo-cross racing really is just like life!

Many many thanks for the emails and supportive comments from my last post. Your words have truly overwhelmed me. Thanks so much!

In a few hours we are off to the race course to check it out. It is snowy. It is icy. It is slick. There are some steep ups. Some very fast downs. Some tricky corners. But I’m ready for it. It is the same race course for everyone. Marc is going to come out with me and help me dissect the course. He is also going to lead me through some hot laps. If I can stay on Marc’s wheel, I’ll be super happy!

Tomorrow will be more of the same with more time spent practicing specific sections of the course. The key is not to do too much leading up to the race but to also spend enough time and effort to get the body ready for the race effort.

Funny, we were watching the movie Up this morning and I really felt Carl’s spirit as I was sitting here. Don’t know if you’ve watched this movie but it really is an inspiring and beautiful film. Lets just say I feel like I’m in my very own Paradise Falls right now and I’ve definitely got the spirit of adventure.

One thought on “Almost Go Time

  1. Hi Vicki it’s great for you that you achieved your goal to be there in Tabor ! Wish you all the best for the race on sunday and I see you saturday ! We will cheer for you so you got a warm feeling while you go around the track ! Give it a go !!!

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