Rest Day

It is Friday. Normally this isn’t a rest day for me. Normally I ride seven days a week. But this is not the normal time of my training cycle. This is my first week back training after a four week break. I really really want to ride today. Especially since I didn’t get to ride yesterday. Thursday was a core/strength day – but no riding. Yikes – two days in a row with no riding.

You cyclists can appreciate how not riding for two days in a row can cause your brow to wrinkle a bit and your palms to sweat…. But I’m sticking to the plan. After all, the plan has worked so far. In fact the plan has worked really well. So today I rest. Besides Saturday and Sunday are looking darn good – 2 hours on Saturday and 2.5 hours on Sunday. No complaints here. Also some yoga on the schedule as well.

This rest day does give me time to get other stuff done. You might be scratching your head about this – since most of you know that I’m not “working” right now. Well, I may not be working in an office, but I am spending my days hunched over my laptop working on various writing projects. Some pay, some don’t, some might. Progress is all I can hope for. I’m pretty excited to be working with Canadian Cycling Magazine – I’m writing for this new magazine on a freelance basis and on a part-time basis I’m working with the editor to keep the web site up-to-date with the latest news of our fine Canadian cyclists. The web site should be live today (I’ll post the link when it is live). So if you’re a Canadian cyclist, don’t be shy – drop me an email and tell me what you’re up to.

Hopefully next week, I can post about the my team plans for the 2010 – 2011 season. I’m just waiting for the club registration to be finalized. Not really any big changes – if you check out my sponsor page, you’ll see I’m still supported by the same fine companies. Really just a change in my racing kit. Actually, if you poke around the site you’ll see I’ve made a few changes: new banner, updated the About page, updated the links on the right – general housecleaning work.

Alright, I best be off. I’ve got a few writing projects I want to get done this morning. Looking forward to riding outside this weekend. Tempted by a four hour ride on Saturday…. But this isn’t on the plan… Not sure. I best stick to the plan. The plan is the way to go. Right?

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