Impossible Is Nothing

Impossible Is Nothing.

My favorite shirt bears this Adidas mantra on the sleeves. The mantra really sums it up for me. Three simple words that just make sense. Take this mantra and apply it to anything. Sports. Music. Art. Life. Daily chores. Anything or anytime where you might be prompted to say, “I can’t do xxx, it is impossible,” or “It’s impossible, I’ll never be able to do it.”

Nope. Not the case. Just listen to and think about what the words really mean. Impossible Is Nothing. If I were a tattoo person, this could be worth some ink on the body. But I’ll stick to displaying this mantra on my favorite shirt. Funny, this mantra really does mean a lot to me, but when asked to put it in words, I’m struggling. Perhaps because it is so darn simple and honest. Or maybe because it really is not that simple at all.

For me, well it sums up my daily life. I’m at the bottom of big hill again – lots of new goals, new life path, and things on my list. It really does seem “impossible” but I know based on my own personal experience and success, that I can do it. I can get through/over whatever barriers pop up during this uphill climb. Impossible Is Nothing. Just Do It. Whatever mantra you use to keep you going, just make sure you truly believe it.

I’m feeling good these days. Legs are coming around. My head is on straight. Life off the bike is coming together really well. I’m surrounded by opportunity these days. Life is pretty darn good. But it helps to always be aware of what has been achieved and most importantly what is still on the list. No room for complacency. Not much time for self congratulation or back-slapping.

To get to the next level, it is key to keep my eyes firmly planted on that hill cluttered with barriers. Good things can only come from knocking them down.

Impossible Is Nothing for me.

And you?

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