Recovery Days

I’m on day three of recovery. Sigh. I know this recovery is needed to make the gains and see the effects of the training I did the past four weeks. But still, I don’t really enjoy recovery days. I like being out riding my bike. Sure, I got out for 90 minutes today and yesterday. But 90 minutes really doesn’t do it for me after the long rides I’ve been doing.

Ah well, it all starts again tomorrow with a bit longer ride with some intensity thrown in. Then the truth really hits the fan on Friday with the almighty critical power test. This is when I’ll find it out what the power numbers are really like. Haven’t done such a test in a while – it will be hard, but it will be a good hard.

Some excellent riding on deck for the weekend. Mountain biking one day and a long ride the next. Can’t ask for much more. Hoping to hit up Kanata Lakes for a ride on Saturday – haven’t ridden there in a long time (2005 I think). I know it has changed a lot since then, should be fun to take the bike out and see what the body and brain remember. I had a blast at Lime Kiln so I’m looking forward to taking things up a notch and testing myself.

Fun time out at the NRC training crit last night. Great to see lots of friendly faces and to watch the racing action. New short course this year. Makes for some fast laps and positioning is super key. Soon enough I’ll be out there trying to stay on the wheels of Ottawa’s fast guys and girls. Can’t hardly wait.

Talking to coach Steve tomorrow. Cool. Catch up on all that has gone on and talk about what is next. I’m really feeling the bike vibes these days. This is when I feel my best. My brain is happy. My legs are happy. I feel free when I’m out there zooming along taking in the fresh air and blue sky. Even the rain isn’t a problem these days. I’ll take a ride in the rain over my cubicle days anytime.

A lot of people have asked me recently if I’m working these days. Yes, I’m working – but I’m not going into an office and I don’t have a steady paycheque. I’m working as a freelance writer. So this means that sometimes I’m rather busy with interviews, research, writing and editing and other times not so busy. It is a strange existence really. One that is hard to get used to. But it is coming and with each deadline met and article written, I get further ahead. You can check out some of my writing in the recent issue of Canadian Cycling Magazine and online as well. I’ve got a few other irons in the fire that will keep my busy soon enough, so things are good.

Well, it is a beautiful day, time for you to step away from the computer and get out for a ride.

(P.S. check out the right sidebar, I’ve added a couple of new links.)

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