Most Excellent

What an excellent day of training I’ve had today. Just one of those days that makes me feel so thankful I have this opportunity to focus on my training. (Thanks Marc for this amazing gift!)

Kicked off the day with a steady three hour endurance ride. Super windy out there so my strategy was to ride out into the headwind and then cruise with the tailwind home. This worked for the most part. Sometimes I find the crosswinds are actually worse than the headwinds. Anyway a great ride where I was able to focus on keeping my power high and keep my feet turning over at a nice smooth cadence. Entertained by my standard podcasts. Even remembered to eat on this ride. Yep, I’m learning….

Got home and quickly dashed around the house. Gobbled up as much food as possible. Had one of my favorites: frozen raspberries, 0% fat cottage cheese, chocolate protein powder and shredded unsweetened coconut. Tossed this in a bowl and gave it a good stir. Really, it is just like ice cream but good for you. Then I was in the car zipping out to Kanata.

Highlight of the day definitely was my ride at Kanata Lakes. I hooked up with Karl Hoppner for an excellent skills ride. Karl was gracious enough to offer to take me out and give me some pointers regarding my technical skills. I must admit I was a bit nervous – wasn’t sure how I would do. But Karl is an excellent teacher. He is super patient and really gave me some confidence in my abilities. We rolled around exploring some pretty cool trails at Kanata Lakes. Great way to spend an hour or so. I’m stoked to get back out there and practice the skills I’ve learned and put the tips and tricks to good use.

So there you have it – my most excellent day of training. Feels like I’ve been going all day, but this is a good thing. Life is for living, not for sitting around watching the time tick by on the clock.

Tomorrow is a 90 minute recovery day and then back at it on the weekend with two days of big rides. Sunday is shaping up to be another double day. Can’t hardly wait.

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