New Sponsor

I’m pretty darn stoked to tell you about my new sponsor…. I’ll give you a few hints: Flak Jacket, Jawbone, styling caps, super durable bags and polarized lenses. That’s right – you guessed correctly!


Pretty happy about this sponsorship for the 2010 – 2011 season. I’m fortunate to have Oakley on board providing me with stylish and functional sunglasses, lenses, and some sharp swag to wear off the bike.

Last night when I hooked up with Skip of KingsBridge Disaster Recovery – who used his connections to bring Oakley on board, I received some new product to test out. Oakley Flak Jackets. I quickly put them on to see how they would fit – I struggle with glasses since I have a small face, small head, and my cheekbones seem to stick out a bit… These glasses fit perfectly – nice fit on my head, the arms don’t get in the way of my helmet, and the lenses have a perfect cut to them that lets them sit on my face.

The sparkly red frame looks super sharp with my red, white, and black kit as well! Last night on our mountain bike ride, I wore the Oakley Flak Jackets with the hydrophobic XLJ lens. The iridium lens tint made every blade of grass, pine needle, and rock pop out so I could clearly see them. One of the best parts was that the glasses stayed in place – no slip sliding up and down my nose!

Today during my recovery ride, I slid on the Flak Jackets again to see how they’d be in the bright light. In a word – perfect. The road surface was much more clear, the glasses didn’t fog up and quite honestly, I really didn’t notice them – they fit snugly and did a great job of preventing my eyes from drying out.

All in all, I’m pretty darn happy with these glasses. Many thanks to Oakley for the glasses and the smooth caps. No more helmet head for this bike racer – the tough decision will be choosing which hat to wear after training rides and races.

Thanks again to Skip of KingsBridge for arranging this sponsorship.

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