Still Here

In a way I suppose it isn’t a bad thing that I’ve been absent from this site for a few days. I’ve been busy riding, recovering, and riding some more! Some days it is hard to find time to sit down and write a blog post. I know, not a real excuse but this is where I’ve been for the past few days.

I definitely have got in some great rides these past few days. On Friday I hit up Kanata Lakes on my trusty mountain bike. The rocks and trails were a bit slippery and there were some definite muddy sections – but this is why I’m out there to get used to the more challenging conditions. I had a great ride, rode on some “new-to-me” trails and I think I found some newish trails as well. I did have one crash that sent me off to buy leg armour in the evening. I decided that landing knee first on a rock was not the best…. There is something about riding in the woods that just makes me feel like a kid. Zipping along with the birds chirping and being surrounded by nature – really makes me appreciate the freedom of the bike.

This weekend was all about the road bike. Pretty standard weekend rides. Got out early on Saturday as my parents were coming into the city for lunch and then we were off to a World Cyclo-Cross Championships party. Many thanks to Marc’s parents for hosting the party and bringing everyone together. It was awesome to see everyone and especially to watch the video that Marc’s mom made (looking into getting this video posted online). Today was my longest ride ever. Five hours and 15 minutes of saddle time. I hooked up with Paul and Sally D. and their friends for a great ride. We hit up Pakenham, Arnprior, Carp, and finally back to Barrhaven. A most excellent ride. I must say the peanut butter cookies and date squares at the Pakenham General Store are very very good.

Ah, Shaun just hooked up the laptop to the television and I’m now listening to the sweet sounds of Phil and Paul announcing the Tour of California. Pretty cool to watch this race live.

Well, tomorrow is going to be a big day as well. I’m off to Creative Wheel for some expert mountain bike instruction.

Feeling some forward progress. Feeling the miles I’ve put into my legs starting to pay off. Fitness is coming around. Head is feeling good. With each pedal stroke my confidence is growing. Loving getting out on my mountain bike – I feel I’m further ahead technically now already. Soon enough I’ll get out my ‘cross bike an start doing some drill work with flags and barriers. And yes, the running shoes will be making an appearance soon. Never a dull moment. Life is good and I’m feeling the rewards of another solid training block.

Monday kicks off a rest week and Friday I’ve got another “power wattage zone test”. Will be interesting to see how things have changed – in the legs, lungs, heart, brain and soul.