Testing Day

Yep, it was testing day. Sigh. I have a love hate relationship with these tests. It is awesome to see what numbers I can put up but on the other hand, I strongly dislike the five minute effort sequence. Ah well, it was a good day on the bike. The test went well – better numbers than last time. I pushed myself over the edge – full on cramps, goosebumps, and dead legs all afternoon. Good stuff.

Today I also got out on my new commuter bike. Many thanks to Vince at The Cyclery for hooking me up with this sweet urban ride. With some help from Shaun, okay – he did it all… My bike now has a lock and the brakes are set up perfectly. I took my new trusty steed out for its maiden voyage today. We rolled on over to Loblaws and picked up some groceries. It was great. I felt pretty darn free out there on the bicycle path with my new bike. Sweet.

Tomorrow I’m heading out for a mountain bike ride. A fun three hours with the rocks, roots, trees, and birds. Nice.

On Wednesday I was interviewed on the A Channel for World IBD Day, the isupportibd.ca petition, and my cyclo-cross racing. Here is the video:

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