Go Time?

Is it time yet? Is it time for cyclo-cross season? While most of my pals are thinking of road racing, time trials and stage races, I’m thinking of other things. Things like: mud, sand, singletrack, barriers, stairs, crazed fans, lions, and 40 minutes. Yes – full on cyclo-cross on the brain.

Not a bad way to be – in my opinion. Guess this is just my way of telling you that I’m really looking forward to the cyclo-cross season. I’m already feeling well-prepared. We’ve taken a different approach this “off-season” and so far so good. I’m starting to see the rewards of all the long rides and time spent in the saddle. I’m feeling more and more like the cyclo-cross racer I know I can be. I’m starting to feel free on my bike and really learning to let it do its thing. Can’t beat these feelings.

To keep the energy system firing and the brain sharp, we’ve been doing all sorts of rides. Mountain bike rides. Tempo rides. Threshold rides. Long endurance rides. Sprint work-outs. And now it is time to throw some criterium racing into the mix – can’t beat these races for building the snap I need to accelerate off the start line and out of every corner and after every barrier. The weekly practice sessions in the local park are starting. I’ll be out there with my flags and plastic barrier getting some ‘cross action going. I’m doing the 24 Hours of Summer Solstice Race with the KingsBridge crew to keep working on the off-road skills.

My head is feeling pretty good as well. Less and less is my nemesis creeping in with negative thoughts and doubt. I know what I can do. I’ve already proven this. I got where I am from hardwork and dedication. Can’t take this away from me and I can only keep getting better. Nope – no room for doubt or fear in this head of mine. I’m full steam ahead with the goals and plan for the 2010 – 2011 season.

And now is the perfect time for you to jump on board… I’m in the process of getting sponsorship finalized for the season. I’m emailing companies, making calls and putting the finishing touches on my clothing. So if you’re as passionate about bike racing as I am and see the value in supporting me as I chase my dreams – lets talk. I’ve got lots to offer you – you definitely won’t be disappointed with how I represent your brand and speak about your product. I can promise you that your logo/product will be seen all over the place – Las Vegas, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Canada, Germany, France, Belgium, and Holland. Pretty darn good for a one-woman marketing and racing machine!

2 thoughts on “Go Time?

  1. Well, I’ll race the Catamount races and Cross Vegas. Then I’m off to World Cups and then Nationals in Toronto and then back to Belgium. So I guess really just Catamount…. At least this is the plan so far… Things could change depending on World Team qualification standards…

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