Mood Enhancer

I’ve made a major discovery. One that I’m sure will earn me mega-bucks and in the process will make the world a better place. Yes, I’ve found the solution to the anger, greed, unease, and ugly people syndrome that seems all too common these days. Yep, this is the big one – a sure fire way to get us all on the path to happy lives full of laughter, smiles and good feelings. Oh yeah, this discovery is going to change the world… Are you ready for it? Brace yourself.

The Bicycle.

That’s right, two wheels, a saddle, handlebars, a slick paintjob and you are on your way to a much happier and joyful life. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Imagine the freedom that this two-wheeler can give you. Having a rough day at the office – no problem – hop on your bike and clear your head. Kids driving you crazy – load them up in the bike trailer and go for a spin on the bike paths (or leave them at home with your significant other and go for a solo spin). Have some tension to work out – dig out your trusty ten speed and see how far and hard you can push your body. Craving some fresh air – perfect time to take the bike out and get your errands done in style.

See, I told you, I’ve made a major discovery. The ticket to freedom and guaranteed to put you in a good mood. I know it works for me. Twice this week the bike has been my saving grace. Digging me out of a funk and putting in my happy place. Tuesday saw me not so thrilled with the rain – no problem – I dug out my cyclo-cross bike and hit up my fave training grounds. Within minutes of being surrounded by trees, birds, squirrels and singletrack I was in a much better place – literally and figuratively. Wednesday was much the same – not feeling the chilly June air, I forced myself out the door and soon enough thanks to the speed of my road bike I was out on the open road ripping up some intervals – turns out the weather was perfect.

Ah, the bicycle. It can take us back to our childhood, remind of us summer afternoons spent “racing” around the block, riding to the swimming pool, or going out for an afternoon of “exploring”. Now as adults it really is just the same – an escape from the everyday and a chance to really be a kid again.

What are you waiting for? Get out your bike and go for a ride. You’ll be glad you did. When you catch yourself smiling be sure to soak it all up. Life is short – go ride your bike.

2 thoughts on “Mood Enhancer

  1. My co-workers cannot fathom how I can get onto my bike after a midnight shift and ride 25km home. In the winter. At -5C. Or after a day shift in August when it’s 35C outside. Within 5km, I’ve completely forgotten about any stress I may have been under, and am enjoying the ride. Sure beats that rush hour driving!

  2. I will agree to that!

    1) on a bike, one discovers their true self
    2) on a bike, one is one with nature and surroundings
    3) on a bike, one leaves little footprint for others to clean up
    4) on a bike, one is in tune with their energy
    5) on a bike, one can give a big “gi-day” to their on coming traffic
    6) on a bike, things are less crowded and their is more space to maneouver
    7) on a bike, infrastructures are not stressed, so taxes are kept lower
    8) on a bike, we use no fossil fuels
    9) on a bike, the mind works wonders
    10) on a bike, its pure freedom away from a society of dependency really.

    yet, the world is based around dependencies now. So, the bike is not favoured as much.

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