Bike Love

Maybe love is too strong of a word? I don’t know. All I know is that I awoke this morning with a great and deep appreciation for the bike. For some reason this morning, the enormity of what the bike means to me, hit me hard. I can’t really explain it, and I don’t know why it happened this morning. Regardless, all this to say that I “heart” the bike.

For some reason that I can’t explain, I just feel so grateful to have the bike in my life. Probably these feelings come from having a pretty darn good week of riding, training, and life. I had some excellent training rides. I had a blast at the local training crit. I connected with friends over the bike. I escaped from my day-to-day worries thanks to my bike. I talked travel plans that will take me to San Diego, Las Vegas, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Belgium – all these destinations thanks to the bike. I spent time simply pedaling and smiling alongside my best friend and favorite guy. The bike has brought a young lad into our home – a young guy who has the chance to see the world and discover life – all thanks to the bike.

I’ve had time this morning to think about all the things the bike has done for me over my short life so far. From starting as a toy, then growing to be a method of escape with rides around the block, to transportation to school and park, to a method of escape from the troubles of teenagehood, to helping me discover this my new city, to introducing to my husband and favorite guy, to bringing fantastic people into my life, to taking me all over the world, to helping me escape my life troubles, and to now – giving me a chance to be a kid again – racing around the park, around the block, and getting to know you.

Thanks bike. I’m really glad you’re in my life. I really do think it is love. Thanks for being in my life. I owe you one.

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