Feeling It

These days I’m just surrounded with good vibes. I’m just really loving the energy that is coming from the cyclo-cross community – both here in Ottawa and further afield. Each year the anticipation for the cyclo-cross season comes on stronger with seasoned racers starting their ‘cross season prep earlier and with more new riders crossing over to this great game of ours. Really, can’t beat this for a feeling of positivity and energy.

I think I’m still riding a high from the awesome training session with the fast boys on Wednesday night and the Thursday morning cyclo-cross practice session. Just two great experiences on my bike. Hanging out with friends, pushing our bodies and minds and having fun while doing it. Awesome.

Next Monday I’m holding another cyclo-cross practice session and I’m really looking forward to it. Admittedly I’m new at showing people ‘cross technique but I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I think it really helps to learn from someone like me who is not a “natural” at this sport. I’ve done the infamous remount “double-hop”, I’ve banged my elbow while shouldering the bike more times than I can count, I have blown and still do blow pedals, etc. Anyway, all this to say – can’t wait for Monday night. We’ve got a good group together and a great location. Fun times.

So the big news this week…. My new clothing came in. Yay! Massive thank-you to Champion Systems Canada for delivering the order so quickly and for making such fine clothes. Many thanks to KingsBridge for the clothing! I wore the new shorts and jersey yesterday – I think I was pushing an extra 50 watts just thanks to wearing the new kit! I know that what you want are photos… Well, here you go – winter vest, thermoshield jacket, base layer, stadium jacket, skinsuit:

Winter Vest:

Thermoshield Jacket:

Base Layer:

Stadium Jacket:


So there you have it – an example of the new Ottawa Cross kit for the 2010 – 2011 cyclo-cross season. Can’t wait to pull on the skinsuit and line-up on the start line for 40 minutes of fast and exciting racing!

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