Cyclo-Cross Tips and Tricks

After the cyclo-cross practice session on Monday evening, the group asked me to send them an email with the key “tips and tricks” for each thing we practiced. I thought this information might be of use to you as well….

So, here are my tips and tricks to think about and focus on when working on cyclo-cross skills. Hopefully these will be useful to you. If you have some of your own tips and tricks – lets read them – post up in the comments so others can learn from you.

– think hip – turn your hip – this will help your left foot unclip easily and provide momentum when picking up the bike
– big step – take a big step with your right foot – this will propel you forward and get your feet moving quickly
– stay relaxed – take whatever speed you feel comfortable with into the barrier or obstacle

– sneak a peak – look for that pedal – take a quick glance down to find out where the right pedal is
– drive the leg down – really think about getting that right foot to the pedal as fast and as powerfully as possible
– spring don’t jump – use your left leg as spring to get you up and onto your saddle – but don’t jump – this will cause you to miss the saddle or worse!

– move around – move your body around on your saddle – squish yourself forward to the nose of the saddle and push your bum back – find what works for you
– look ahead – always anticipate what is coming around the corner – eyes up looking around the bend – the bike follows the eyes
– stay loose – keep your hands loose – your shoulders relaxed – remember to breathe – and smile!

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