Quiet Day

I know I promised to post photos on Saturday from Interbike… Well after a long day of travel on Friday, Saturday was a bit of a quiet day. I spent the day building bikes, doing laundry and getting food. Oh, and catching up with Top Chef Desserts (love this show!). I really didn’t get on the computer much. So, where are the photos? Well, they’re still on my camera… I’ll get them up in the next few days – really I will.

I realized that I neglected to write a race report for Cross Vegas, so expect this in the next few days as well. Also, I raced yesterday in Rochester, N.Y – so I’ll also get a race report written for this as well. Yes, I’m a bit behind right now. Amazing what a week away from home can do.

Quickly about Sunday’s race – very challenging and hilly course, well organized, good crowd – a definite must-race. I hope this race returns next year. The organizers did a great job of putting together a good day of racing – shame there wasn’t a Masters race on the same day though…. Anyway, I raced and I’ll write a race report for you – probably later today. Many thanks to Marc for giving up his day to drive me around for 9 hours.

As for what is next? Well this is a bit of a strange week for training since today and Tuesday are basically non-training days… I’m having a colonoscopy and endoscopy on Tuesday so today I’m “preparing” for these procedures. This means no food and only clear liquids, jello and popsicles and some “special drinks” to help “clear” me out….

I’m looking forward to Wednesday – nice fun spin on the ‘cross bike planned – no thoughts to power numbers, speed, time, etc. – just me, the bike, the woods and some smiling. The day will be made even better with a cyclo-cross clinic for a bunch of kids – this should be lots of fun.

Friday we’re off to Gloucester, Mass. for the weekend of racing. Really looking forward to racing at Gloucester. Haven’t raced here since 2007… For the past few years, Canadian Nationals have been on the same weekend so it will be nice to get down to Gloucester for some racing and cheering. Many thanks to Mike and Cathy for hosting us (can’t wait to meet the kittens!).

I’ve got some “deeper” posts brewing but frankly right now, I’m a bit wiped out from a big week of travel and some roller coaster racing. I plan to be back to myself by tomorrow afternoon. For now, I’ll leave you with this slogan on shirt that my mom bought me: Do what you Like. Like what you do.

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