Getting There

Dudes, I’m feeling like I’m just so close. On the cusp of being back to my old self. Really only time will tell. Time to let my body fully recover and time to get some intensity into my legs and lungs.

On Wednesday I went for my second iron infusion. I have to say I was pretty darn wiped out for the day. No riding and truthfully hardly any moving was done! My legs felt a bit tight from Tuesday’s ride and I really just craved sleep. But Thursday was a brand new day. Still some lingering tightness in the quads but generally higher on the energy scale. So I did what any of you would have done…

I went for a ride. A great on-road/off-road ride. Just me my bike and the trusty Michelin Jets. I discovered more new trails, pedaled through some crazy water, and simply enjoyed being able to pedal and sing out loud at the same time. Yes, sing out loud… A few weeks ago, I could either pedal or sing/talk – but not both at the same time. So I chalk my singing capabilities to be a sign of improvement.

Looking forward to riding with the speedy young guns and fast and crafty less young gun tonight. I’m not expecting miracles from my body, rather just a chance to get out and have some fun. Racing this weekend in Brockville. Cool. Racing next Sunday in Aigle, Switzerland. Coolio.

Received an awesome box of goodies today. Many many thanks to Clif Bar for the support. The living room is full of pretty much every Clif Bar product there is. Looking forward to munching a cherry pomegranate Clif C bar and to popping some protein-packed Clif Shot Roks.

I can say that my season really only happens thanks to the generous support of my sponsors. And yes, I do write this a lot, but this is simply because it is true. I’m looking forward to getting back out on the cyclo-cross circuit and riding as I know I can. This is the best way for me to say thank-you to you, to Marc and to my sponsors for the support and encouragement.

Here are some words that I’m using as mottos these days:
One Life
Like What You Do
Do What You Like
I Can And I Will