Just sitting here in the Frankfurt airport getting my bearings and waiting for my dad. Pretty easy flight. Had an entire row to myself so no complaints here. Tried to sleep but I find the Ottawa to Frankfurt a tough one to get any quality sleep on since you arrive basically at 12:30 a.m.

Nonetheless, the flight was uneventful. As usual I was tempted by the breakfast muffin. And as usual the muffin looked better than it tasted. Luckily I had a solid stash of Clif C bars in my carry-on so I didn’t have to soldier on with the muffin of unknown origins or flavor….

Bit chilly here in Frankfurt at 7:30 a.m. Around two degrees Celsius…

Just sitting here in the airport killing time. We had thought about going into Frankfurt but managing the train/bus combo is a bit much right now. So now we’re just kicking back for a bit. We can pick up the RV at 2:00 and then we’re hitting the open road, destination somewhere close to Thonon-Les-Bains, France. This is where we’re staying the night before the World Cup so to minimize too much travel/driving we’re hoping to get close to there today. Depends on fatigue, timing and driving conditions really.

Good news is that both of my bikes made it. Quite refreshing to see them waiting for me actually. None of that standing around and desperately hoping that the bikes magically appear from behind some big black locked door.

Not sure when I’ll get to post this. Hoping to post it tonight sometime. Definitely have to say I’m a fan of the iPad. I’ve got a handy little bluetooth keyboard which makes typing a breeze. Alright, next update will be tonight sometime I hope.

Pretty excited to be here. A little freaked out. I forget how big the World Cups are until I’m really close to racing one. But I’ve done it before and I know the drill. Go as hard as I can for 40 minutes.

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