Plzen World Cup Pre-Ride

Spent the morning relaxing in the hotel and then made our way to the race course for one last check over. As usual we arrived before the official training time – this way the course wouldn’t be crowded.

Set up nicely in the parking lot surrounded by lots of friendly faces. Off out on the course and it really was unchanged from the previous few days. A few more ruts since and obvious lines since there was a mountain bike race on the same course this morning. The one change was that the fly-over was finished so I could finally ride it. Typical fly-over – not as steep as the one at the World Championships but a good solid sprint into is still required.

I did a couple of laps – one with Gabby and then I hooked up with Nancy Bober, her husband Andy and Ellen Van Loy for a lap. We chatted and checked out lines. Then it was time for a hot lap. I did turn on the helmet cam to take record this lap but the camera didn’t work properly – so sad to say it – but I don’t have any footage for you. The hot lap went well – I’m able to get up all the steep climbs though I must say after running up 23 very enormous steps the climb is a challenge.

As is typical in cyclo-cross races, the start is critical. But even more so tomorrow since the start is uphill then quickly down and around a corner and then onto the descent. I predict a few tumbles on the descent with people going down it five across – so moving up beforehand will be important. Both Marc and Pete (Nikki Harris’s dad) have told me that they want to see me moving up before the descent… I will do it!

Got in one more cool-down lap and then I set off on the bicycle paths to flush my legs and head out. Quick change in the camper and it was off to the number pick-up. Quick stop off at the grocery store and now we’ve just been hanging out. Fine supper at the hotel restaurant with a great gang of people.

Got my clincher wheels ready to go for the spare bike. Both bikes are working well. Body feels good. Head feels good. I’m looking forward to racing tomorrow. I really like the circuit – it is challenging and there is nothing “ridiculous” in it. So all in all, I’m feeling pretty good. I’m hoping it stays dry – primarily because it makes the clean-up post race so much easier….

So, not sure when my next blog post will be. Don’t know if we’ll have Internet access tomorrow night. But I’m sure we’ll have it Monday night in Frankfurt. Flying home on Tuesday and then soon enough back on the plane to fly to Brussels. Time is whipping by (this is a good thing).

Good luck tomorrow if you’re racing. I heard there is a big sand pit in the Perth OBC course…. Looking forward to hearing all about it. Alright, have a good one. Cheer for me tomorrow – 1 p.m. I set off.

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