Canadian Cyclo-Cross Nationals

What a great day. It was simply fantastic to watch Marc’s race. I’m so proud of the way he raced and to see him on the podium really just made my day. I couldn’t be more happier for Marc. He raced a strong race, bridging gaps and then riding to his strengths. (If you ask Marc about the race he’ll be quick to tell you everything he “should” have done…) But the fact of the matter is, a medal at the Canadian National Cyclo-Cross Championships is awesome.

Congratulations Marc on your third place finish. A true inspiration and a definite role model on how to race a bike with heart and soul.

(I’m not going to write anything else about nationals here. Go to the race reports to read about my race. This space is for Marc – he deserves it.)

As soon as I have some photos from the race, I’ll post them up here for you to see. But suffice it to say, Marc looked pretty darn good standing on that podium. Such a big huge happy smile. He did everything right. Closed gaps intelligently. Covered moves. Attacked when he had to. Simply put – he got the job done.

Way to go Marc!

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