Koksijde World Cup

I’m home and recovered from the Koksijde World Cup. What a day! The course was very heavy and muddy – all thanks to the snow that fell overnight. But luckily by the time I raced it was very sunny so the cold wasn’t an issue.

I had a decent race – even beating one person and for a while I was ahead of two people! This was pretty cool. I found the sand running so exhausting. I was literally stumbling over myself trying to keep my legs from not buckling under me. A good sign of how hard I was pushing myself. I felt I rode the course not badly technically. Admittedly sand is not my strength. More practice is required! I did ride the mud really well – I was able to keep my legs turning over and used a trick of pulling myself along the metal barricades (this even got me some pushes from some spectators)!

So it was a good day. The support from Ignace and Alex before the race and afterwards was truly overwhelming. Luc and Linda were great to have there – letting me hang out in their camper, being there at the finish, taking photos and just being great friends. Also big shout out to Karl and Denise for letting me travel with them and for sticking around for my race.

I’ve written a race report here. Photos are posted here.

Tomorrow I’m racing at Drongen with the junior boys. I’m looking forward to seeing Marc race and then racing myself. Great way to round out a weekend of racing.

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