Weekend Racing Recap

Bit late on this recap of the weekend and the racing that happened… Life just kind of took over….

Marc raced in Langemark, Belgium on Saturday on a very heavy and muddy course. This is a “classic” Belgian race course featuring deep mud and not much else. The feeling before the race was that it would be a leg sucker. Marc had a decent ride and came out with a good result. Some bike trouble at the beginning did set him back but once he got that sorted he was riding really well. I took a bunch of photos and have posted them on Facebook.

On Sunday we were off to Bakel, Holland for day two of the double-header. The race course in Holland was in stark contrast to the race in Belgium. Sentiment was that it was very similar to the racing in the United States. Fast. Twisty. Dry. The course was in a great location – a nature park basically in the middle of the town of Bakel. It was a very relaxing day – warm weather and just the perfect place to have a race. Marc had another decent race, though starting at the back of 64 guys is a bit challenging considering the twisty nature of the course. I took a bunch of photos of Marc, Kevin Hines, Jonny Bold, Peter Webber, Brandon Dwight and Kurt Perham. (Check out Facebook.) After Marc and Rene’s race we hung out and watched Karl, Yohan and Benjamin race.

To close off the day we hopped in our car and followed Rene to his place. We had a great evening of chatting, laughing and good food. To top it off, Marc got a new haircut!

It was very different for me simply being a spectator – I must admit that I definitely did miss racing this weekend. Well, I didn’t really want to race in Langemark but I wish I could have raced in Bakel.

Marc has the Master’s World Cyclo-Cross Championships this weekend in Mol, Belgium. This will be a great time I’m sure – looking forward to cheering on Marc and just being out for the day. We only have a few more weeks left here in Belgium and then we’ll be back in Ottawa… Sigh…

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