On Not Riding

I didn’t ride on Friday. I had planned to ride. But it was cold. I was tired. I didn’t really want to ride. So I didn’t.

At first I felt guilty. I’m a bike racer. I should be riding my bike. There were many days when I couldn’t ride my bike. So each day that I can ride my bike – I should.

I’m really glad I didn’t ride my bike on Friday. I didn’t miss it. Instead I went to Leuven. I poked around the shops and had a very relaxing lunch with Denise. I had a good day. But I didn’t ride my bike.

Today it is Sunday. I’m going to ride my bike. I want to. I don’t know for how long I’ll ride my bike. I just know I want to pedal and feel my legs moving me forward. When I’ve had enough, I’ll turn around and get myself home.

Not riding is not easy. But sometimes it is the best thing a bike racer can do. Will I ride on Monday? Most likely. But only if I want to.

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