Weird weekend for me. Everyone I know is racing their cyclo-cross bikes. Be it here in Belgium at various races or in St. Wendel, Germany at the World Cyclo-Cross Championships. It seem that I’m the only person not racing. This is the first time I’ve found it really quite hard to not be racing.

Yes, I missed racing in the three World Cups I missed along with the other UCI races I missed…. But this weekend it is harder to not be racing. Not sure why. I’m guessing it is because I’m finally starting to feel better. I’m not back to my normal fitness and strength but I’m at the point where the sensations in my legs and lungs are coming around.

Not being at St. Wendel makes me want to be in Koksijde so much more in 2012. I really want to get started on training again but I know I have to take things slow and really let the medicine do its thing before I can start stressing my body again. All part of the balance of being an athlete – learning to listen to your body to know when to really push it and when to pull back and rest.

Anyway, all this to say that my thoughts are with my pals in St. Wendel this weekend. I’ll be there with you next year in Koksijde ripping it up in front of 30,000 fans on the famous sand dunes. It is going to be good!

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