For a lot of you reading this site, I’m guessing that you’re in the midst of a racing season right now. Maybe it is road. Maybe it is mountain biking. Or a mix of the two. Whatever it is, this is the time that we bike racers live for. The sensations from training are never quite as rewarding as those we get from racing. We do the intervals and long hard rides so that when we line up we have the fitness and confidence to push ourselves that little bit deeper and harder.

We set goals. We do our best. And hopefully our goals are achieved. If they are – great. If not – well the big thing that separates bike racers is determining what to do when goals aren’t met. Some people will reassess and set new goals. Others will look at their training and recovery and see if they need to make some adjustments. Others will ignore the missed goal and pretend that they are okay (mentally and physically). Others will realize the difference between performance and outcome. The thing about goals is that they are just that – goals. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Over the weekend the best mountain bikers in the world met up in England to race the Dalby Forest World Cup. Young Evan McNeely was there to race his first U23 World Cup in his Team Canada skinsuit. Evan had a good hard race and an excellent result. After the race, he had an interview with Canadian Cyclist website. I really urge you to watch/listen to Evan’s interview. He drops some deep words of wisdom about goals and racing.

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