Biking Bliss

Yes, okay this is a bit of a corny title but I think it is appropriate. After all it is with thanks to the bike that I and many of you have got to experience some of the best things in life: travel, camaraderie, achievement, relaxation, and the thrill of balancing on a two-wheeler.

Really on a perfectly sunny day there is nothing better than being out on a bike. It doesn’t really matter if you’re kitted up in spandex and looking at you power meter or if you’re out on your commuter-type bike with family and kids in tow enjoying a relaxing pedal down the bicycle path. However it happens, the bike really is a ticket to freedom.

Thanks to the bike I’ve been all over the world. Thanks to the bike I’ve been able to find a level of personal achievement and that extra ounce of determination needed to keep on pushing. Thanks to the bike I’ve been able to quiet my brain and just get lost in the thrill of life. Thanks to the bike I’ve met some fabulous people and forged some deep friendships.

So, yes, it really is all about biking bliss. There is nothing quite like getting out on the bike and seeing where it will take me. Similar to how authors talk about not knowing what their characters will do or say next, I feel the same about my bike. Some days I really don’t know where we’ll be going, but wherever it is, there is a reason for it.

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