With Thanks

I realize the other day that I haven’t written about an integral group of people of companies in a while. Yes, I’m talking about my sponsors. As any athlete knows, without sponsors, it is literally impossible to race a bike. I’ve been fortunate to have a core set of sponsors who have been with me from the start of my cyclo-cross racing adventure. So without further mumbling, I just want to say thank-you to the following outstanding companies:

  • The Cyclery: gosh what can I say about Vince and his tremendous support? Without Vince’s support and encouragement, I don’t think this website and Ottawa.cx would even exist. He has provided me with bikes, group sets, clothes, mechanical work – basically anything I need – Vince and his staff at The Cyclery are there. Not many people realize the amount of support that Vince gives to local cyclists. Thanks Vince and The Cyclery for the support.
  • Stevens Bikes: I’ve been racing on Stevens Bikes since 2007. I can’t say enough about these bikes and the company. I’ve been very lucky to have the support of Stevens Bikes Canada. I get to race on one of the most popular and in-demand cyclo-cross bikes on the scene. The Stevens Carbon Team is a pure beauty to ride. Thanks Stevens Bikes Canada for the bikes and sponsorship.
  • Clif Bar: having food in my jersey pocket that I want to eat, makes it really easy to be on top of my training, racing and recovery nutrition. This might sound cheesy, but honestly, I haven’t tried a Clif Bar product that I don’t like. I’m really happy to see the new gluten-free products as well. From gels that go down easy to the Luna protein bars to the very popular Clif Shot Bloks – this food is simply the best. Yes, I call it food – because Clif Bar products are made from real organic ingredients. Thanks Clif Bar for helping me to  so easily stay on top of my nutrition and fueling my rides.
  • Bell Lap Coaching: without coach Steve Weller, I wouldn’t even be here writing this post. He really has believed in me from the start and has made it realistic and possible for me to chase my cyclo-cross racing dreams. No challenge is too big for Steve – when I tell him what I want to do, he gets down to business and figures out how I can get there in the best form possible. This past season has been a roller-coaster with my health, and Steve is always there to adjust my training as needed and to remind me of the big picture. Thanks Steve and Bell Lap Coaching!
  • Outdoor Gear Canada: thanks to a great local rep, I’ve been fortunate to have some incredible support from Outdoor Gear Canada. New helmet, new gloves, flashy new shoes, fast wheels – really whatever it is, I’m lucky to receive some top notch gear. Thanks to Outdoor Gear Canada for the continued support and great products to race and train with.
  • Champion Systems Canada: I’ve been racing in Champions Systems clothing since 2007 and last season I received sponsorship from Champion Systems Canada. Everyone I’ve worked with has been top-notch and very understanding when it comes to uploading logos, making last minute changes to my clothing design and delivering my racing and training clothes early. I’ve tried a whole range of Champion Systems Canada products, and really there is not one item of clothing I have complaints about – everything fits, looks good, is durable, and best of all is completely customized for me. Thanks Sean for helping me look good while going fast!

A pretty darn solid group of companies and people – really the backbone behind my racing and training. I’m looking forward to another excellent season of racing and training – showing off the sponsors who have supported me over the years.

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