Back At It

Got even more good news today… My white blood cell count is continuing to improve. And my ferritin level is nice and comfy above 100. This means one thing and thing only: back to training. So very happy. I have been riding these past few weeks, but I haven’t been able to do any of the fun stuff.

You know the fun stuff like tempo, threshold, VO2Max, or long rides. But now I can. I’m super stoked. If it was up to me I’d start tomorrow with a super long and challenging work-out. (Good thing I’m not my coach…) But luckily I have Steve Weller to keep me on track and in check.

Long ride tomorrow and then a couple days of no riding (I’ll be running instead) – since I’ll be off in Burlington to cheer on Marc at Road Nationals. But then on Monday it is “on like Donkey Kong”…

Uhm, yes, I’m excited. I really do have great feelings about this upcoming season. I don’t feel behind. I don’t feel freaked out. I feel super happy that I’m going to be able to race and train at full capacity. There is always a silver lining and I guess this one has finally revealed itself – I really miss it when I can’t do it. I’ve had some valuable weeks riding my Stevens Carbon Team in the woods, working on my skills and boosting my confidence.

Now it is time to get out on my Stevens SLR Aero and put some kilometers and hurt into my legs and lungs. Definitely good times ahead.

I suppose it is true “good things come to those who wait”. Well I’ve waited and I’ve waited. And now the good things are here.

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