In A Good Groove

I don’t have much to tell you about today… I know a bit surprising for me since I seem to be able to write and write some more.

All I really have to tell you is that I’m in a super good groove right now. In fact I might expand this to call it a super solidly good groove.

Three excellent days on the bike. Two of these days with some intervals. Good numbers. Good sensations in my legs. An excellent feeling in my heart and soul. Confidence is sky high.

Super positive about the upcoming season. I actually believe this will be my best year ever. I’m healthy. Really healthy. My technical skills are much further ahead than they were this year. My fitness and strength will come back – difference this year is I’ll actually be getting strong as the season progresses.

Yep, a super solidly smooth good groove.

On the racing/training kit front – I’ve got an excellent graphic designer on the case and she is seriously looking into the color purple. Cool stuff!

Okay, I said I don’t have much so I best stick to it!

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