Chilling in Trexlertown

We made pretty good time and got into Trexlertown at around 4:30 – luckily the highway around Binghamton, NY was still open for us – not the case for the folks driving North on the 81. (Not sure what we’ll do for the drive home – but we don’t have to worry about this until Sunday!) The flooding in the area is pretty crazy.

We made a quick stop at the race course to see how soggy and muddy it really is. We decided not to ride the course due to not having an easy way to clean our bikes (luckily we discovered a car wash across from our hotel for tomorrow!). But from what we saw, it is definitely soggy and soft – muddy but not European muddy. By the time I race in the early afternoon I’m sure some sections will be very chewed up.

Had a pretty relaxed night here at the hotel – some supper and then a stop off at Wegman’s and Starbucks. We are spoiled here at the hotel to have a television so I’ve been watching the Food Network!

Looking forward to racing tomorrow. Marc races before me and then I’m up at 1:15ish. I’m feeling good. Just looking forward to having some fun on the bike.

I’ll post a race report tomorrow. Nothing quite like the first race of the season – no expectations – just get out there and race my bike – oh and show off my new purple kit. (If you’re in Ottawa – pick up the Ottawa Citizen tomorrow – there is an article about me and cyclocross in the newspaper.)

Alright, time to get back to the Food Network – Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives is on!

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