A Cold – Really?

Sorry if this post seems a bit self-absorbed – I just really can’t believe that I have a cold. Why couldn’t I have a cold in May or June? Right now I don’t have time for a cold. I’ve got training, racing, and travel to do – there is no room for a cold…

I’m doing the smart thing and not riding my bike. But this is darn hard. My crazy brain keeps telling me that if I go out for a ride I might be able “sweat out the cold”… But luckily Marc and coach Steve aren’t cursed with my crazy brain – so I’m resting. I’m sleeping. I’m looking out the window at the bright blue sky and willing this cold out of my body.

To keep me busy, I’ve of course got lots of writing work to be done and a few of my favourite shows to watch on my iPad (big fan of anything with the words Top Chef in it and I’ve recently discovered Modern Family…). So that’s about it really. Sorry I can’t tell you about my work-outs this past week or something I’ve learned off or on the bike.

I do have to say that I’m looking forward to racing this Sunday in Rochester, New York. I’m pretty confident this cold will be gone by then – I’m sending it some “get lost vibes” in an effort to convince it to move along. Hope your week of training is going well and that life off the bike is as good as it is on the bike. Cold withstanding – life is pretty darn good.