Taking Stock

First off, my apologies for moaning about having a head cold. I know there are worse things out there and I was really just feeling sorry for myself. My thoughts are with Rob (aka slowdad) who on the cusp of pretty darn good cyclocross season ended up crashing on Wednesday during training and looks to be out for the season.

Yesterday I was stressing about missed work-outs and being ready to race this weekend and now when I read about my friend Rob and his likely season-ending injury, I realize how easy I have it. I don’t juggle a family and training and racing. I don’t have full-time work commitments that keep me at the office and off my bike. Nope, I’m one of the lucky ones – so a little cold really isn’t a big deal.

Sure it would be nice to not work at all (like a lot of my fellow competitors) but frankly I’d bored with all the free-time! Working helps me keep perspective on what I’m doing – I’m lucky to be racing my bike. I’m very fortunate to be traveling all over the place to race my bike. I’m very lucky to be be able to get out in the middle of the day for my training rides (as my tan lines prove). I think this perspective is something that a lot of us lose sight of.

No matter your circumstances, you are lucky in some way. I admit I’m luckier than most. Anyway, all this to say, it is always good to take stock and really look at what you have in your life and see what others don’t (and yes, this goes beyond bicycles…).

2 thoughts on “Taking Stock

  1. hehe, I was wondering why my blog posts spiked!

    Thanks for thinking of me. I’m doing ok. The shoulder hurts but it’s feeling better than it was yesterday so the swelling has gone down. I can’t move it yet, so it’s simply a matter of healing time.

    I’m hoping to make a couple races later on in the season, more for fun and hope to be back on the bike one handed in a week or so.

    Then I’ll see if I can get ready for the Gatineau 55 races this winter, and Paris to Ancaster in the spring.

    Good luck in your races! I predict that your going to surprise yourself soon and find some turbo power.

  2. I have no doubt that you’ll be ready for ski season! If you do the Gatineau 55 then I’ll come out to cheer you on and say hello in person – this race is sort of in my backyard. Thanks for the kind words – hoping the turbo power kicks in soon! Take care of that shoulder and don’t rush things.

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