Full of Butterflies

Last night I went to bed feeling pretty darn good – everything was in order for my trip to the Czech Republic. Bikes are packed. Cycling clothes are packed. My street clothes are packed. Essentially, I’m ready to go.

This morning while making some food to bring with me on the plane I started to notice a feeling in my stomach. The same feeling I used to get on the first day of school… Yes, guess I’m feeling a bit nervous and excited. Funny, I’ve made similar trips numerous times in recent years.

Really, I just want to get on the plane tonight. Until then I’ll keep myself busy with some work, some bike riding, last minute run to the grocery store and then I’ll be off.

If you see Marc at the races while I’m gone – be sure to give him a hug and a kiss for me (yes Conor and Evan I’m talking to you!).

A big thank you to my sponsors and to you for the support, confidence, and amazing words of encouragement – couldn’t do this without you. Huge thanks to Marc who really has made it possible for me to chase my dreams.

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