Good Day in Tabor

Had a most excellent day today in Tabor. I’m very happy/relieved to be getting full nights of sleep – definitely cracked the jet lag that was plaguing me last week. After a great dinner last night with a very good group of friends I was feeling much better. It helped to be out laughing, talking and enjoying some excellent Indian food. Thanks to Christine and Jonas for the hospitality after supper.

Today was a very good easy day. Took it easy this morning with some work on the computer and then went out for a good easy spin with Andy (he is the husband of my friend Nancy Bober who races for the Belgian team). We went on a great route that took us by the Tabor World Cup course – it looks very similar to the World Cyclcocross Championships course from 2010 (though there is not a fly-over or a second set of stairs). We didn’t ride the course since today was all about an easy ride. Mind you, here it is challenging to have an easy ride with all of the darn hills! The company was excellent and we stopped at the course afterwards to talk to some friends as well.

This afternoon we walked down to the old town square for some warm drinks and treats. I snapped a few photos for you:

In the Mocca Cafe in Tabor:

The Old Town Square:

Christine talking to us from her apartment window:

As you can see it has been a good day. Closed the day off with a good meal with Gabby, Gregg, Andy and Nancy.

I’m feeling much better than I was yesterday. The evening out helped me feel much happier and relaxed. Today I’ve been super relaxed and haven’t really had a moment to think about the race and get nervous. I’m looking forward to racing on a course on which I had one of my best days on the bike. It is a challenging course – but this is the case for every course on the World Cup circuit.

Tomorrow I’m off to the course for my usual pre-race routine and then I’ll relax here in the hotel for the afternoon. Yes, life is good. I feel super fortunate to be doing this and to be surrounded by such helpful and friendly folks. A big thanks to Nancy, Andy, Christine, Jonas, Ignace, Katie, Gabby and Gregg for letting me join in with them.

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