But Why Not?

On Sunday after the cyclocross race I was chatting with young Lois and her family about skiing. The conversation got around to why I don’t ski anymore… I explained how I’m really just not a very good skier. How my technique is poor. How I’m a very slow skier. Etc, etc.

And each time I presented an excuse for why I have neglected my skate skis for so long, Lois responded with “So? But Why Not Ski?”. And each time she did this I had a harder and harder time explaining why I don’t ski…

So the next time you have a reason to not do something – think of me and Lois in the parking lot. Me trying to explain to a kid why as an adult I had given up on something…

I have a feeling I’ll be stepping into the skis this year.

One thought on “But Why Not?

  1. You should totally get back to skate skiing! I am not fast, and my technique isn’t great, but I get such a good workout! Mike and I skied A LOT last winter. Plus, it’s a nice break (mentally) from the bike at a time when I need it most. I’m with Lois on this one :).

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