Just a quick post to say thank you for your comments both on this website and sent to my email inbox. It is refreshing for me to know that others have the same feelings and experiences that I had on Saturday.

I really appreciate your words of confidence and encouragement.

I’ve of course had a few days to think about the race and I’m ready to move on. I’ve got lots of great races ahead of me and my season is not even close to being done. Wallowing in a bad ride doesn’t do much to help me move further down my path of improvement and success.

I’ve been busy today getting myself packed and organized for my flight to Brussels on Tuesday. All this to say – thanks for the words of wisdom – I’m humbled and grateful to have you out there listening and responding.

To all of you who I have yet to meet and those of you who I have met – have a great season and thanks for being so darned smart!

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