Busy Monday

What a day it has been here today! After a relaxing afternoon on Sunday followed by a tasty meal at Sultan’s in Herselt – Monday came fast and furious. (Sultan’s is Turkish kebab shop – similar to shwarmas – only much better…)

Nikoline and I hit up the local green route for an easy recovery ride on the ‘cross bikes. It was a great chance to ride on the trails, practice a few skills and chat and relax. We had a good ride and both found the woods to be super relaxing – though we did our best to avoid the mud (didn’t feel like cleaning our bikes!).

After a quick shower and lunch, we were in my car and off to Heist-Op-Den-Berg to pick up a young Danish cyclocross racer and take him to the bike shop in Geel. The Van Eyck bike shop is a cyclist’s dream with every manner of bike, brand of clothing, hard-to-find part, and other cycling goodies. It was a rather frustrating drive to Geel thanks to the crazy roadworks happening… But we made it and all left feeling very happy with our purchases. I managed to buy the batteries I needed for my PowerTap hub.

Then it was back to Heist-Op-Den-Berg where Nikoline and I were treated to tea, pancakes with Nutella and ice cream (I skipped the ice cream) and had a great time talking to the fellow that Emile the Danish cyclist is staying with. We could have stayed there all afternoon chatting with Victor about bike racing, training and life in general! When Victor discovered that neither of us have a massage therapist here, we were quickly out and in our car following Victor as he sped along the narrow roads to nearby Booischot where we met a very experienced massage therapist. It was super nice of Victor to help us out like this.

Then we hopped back in my trusty Peugeot and made fast tracks back to Blauberg – I had a work call and Nikoline had to get ready for her night out in Antwerp.

Yes, a very busy and hectic day – but an excellent one. This is definitely not a normal day for myself (nor Nikoline) – but it was great change of pace. We got the number one job of the day done – riding our bikes and then had time for everything else to fall into place.

This evening I’ve been doing some writing work for a new client and thanks to Marc’s help (love Skype) I’ve now got my PowerTap wheel working properly again. Oh and good news, I’m all booked for the Koksijde World Cup – big thanks to Stefan Wyman for finding us a great house for the race.

So, that’s the kind of day it has been! Now it is time for some yoga and maybe a couple episodes of Modern Family. Hope your Monday is going as well as mine.

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