One Week

It has been one week since my injury. Physically I’m feeling much better. In fact I really have very little pain – I do have my “electric” leg (get lots of nerve activity in my leg so it is full of pins and needles). It might sound strange but I actually have to remind myself that I’m injured – I honestly feel like I could get on my bike today.

I think this is what is making this really hard. I feel great really and I know that I’m pretty darn strong right now as well.

I’m trying to be positive about this and last week I had some glimpses of feeling good mentally – but this is a bumpy road. I know that you’re not visiting this website to read “woe is me” stories – so I apologize for this.

On the really bright side – Marc is arriving next Tuesday! This will be great – I’m looking forward to going to his races and just generally having him around. It will be very nice to spend Christmas together here in Belgium. I’ve also changed my return flight so instead of flying home on Feb. 6, I’ll be flying home with Marc on Dec. 29. Strange to realize that it will be first time spending January in Ottawa in five years!

Well, whatever you’re doing – I hope you’re making the most of it. If you’re out riding – do some efforts for me – I’ll be cheering you on!

(Thanks for putting up with my whining…)