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This is going to be a mixed-bag blog post (just warning you now)… It is challenging to maintain a cyclocross-related blog during cyclocross season when I’m injured and can’t race. And I don’t know about you but I’m kind of tired of introspection and mumbling about racing and what I will or will not do… So in a departure from the trends of late, I’ve decided to tell you about a few things that I’m digging (yes, very much an ’80s term but I can’t help this) – so hold on, buckle in and prepare to be wowed (okay maybe not that dramatic but a girl can dream)….

Adele: oh wow – this singer is just so darn awesome. I’ve always been an Adele fan but last night sealed the deal. Watching the DVD of Adele’s concert at Royal Albert Hall has got me fully hooked. That was a performance. It was so very emotional and incredible. Yes, perhaps a bit superfluous but I’m not exaggerating. If you’re having one of those days, I highly recommend plopping down on the couch with a warm mug of something delicious and watching Adele do what she does best. She had myself, Nikoline and Sarah speechless last night – and that is saying a lot!

Converse: a couple of weeks ago I picked up a very sweet pair of Converse sneakers. These sneakers are white leather with a purple insert and they have purple laces. They are hot. So very hot. I love them. Problem is that I can’t wear them right now – I want to keep them clean and the muck and wet of Belgium won’t help in these efforts. So my white hot Converse sneakers sit and wait for the dry and dusty days ahead. I first worse Converse sneakers when I was a teenager in grade nine – I had pink ones with orange laces (yes, always a fashion maven) and they were so very cool. These new sneakers make me feel like that grade niner all over again – on the edge of something big but not really sure what it will be.

Kombucha: I’m full-on addicted to this strong and powerful nectar. Kombucha is made from fermenting a yeast and bacterial culture and from this a wonderful drink is brewed. Admittedly this doesn’t sound that appetizing, but trust me, one sip of the powerful Kombucha and your tastebuds and digestive system will be thanking you. Since being here in Belgium I’ve become hooked on Kombucha that is brewed/fermented a mere 20 km from here – yes local and completely natural Kombucha. There is no sugar or extra flavour added to this drink – straight up Kombucha power. I’m wondering how I can bring a few big bottles of it home with me…

The Killing: I’m spending a lot of time on the trainer these days and I need to stay occupied and thanks to Marc, I’ve become a fan of the television program The Killing. This is a murder/cop/detective show but it is so much better than the standard stuff found on American and Canadian television channels. This show is good – really good. So good that I don’t even notice the time ticking by as I’m pedalling towards my future.

Belgian Chopped Veggies: we live next door to a small grocery store and this grocery store sells these wonderful bags of freshly chopped, sliced, and diced vegetables. Think a mix of leeks, onion, celery, carrots, and a bunch of other vegetables all freshly chopped up in the perfect size to be added to eggs, stir-frys, soups, stews and pretty much anything else. So very tasty and so very good for us. I can’t get enough of these veggies – the pre-packed salads in a bag aren’t even close to this bag of nourishment. Seriously good.

Alpro Soya Yogurt: sadly my guts don’t tolerate dairy anymore. This has been very hard to get used to. I love cottage cheese and yogurt – but was forced to give up both. I’ve tried soy yogurt at home but it tastes like dirt. So I really did go out on a limb when I picked up a six-pack of Alpro Soya plain yogurt a couple of weeks ago. Oh what a smart move this was – this yogurt is so darn smooth and thick. And best of all – it doesn’t taste like dirt. Nope, tastes like the real thing – it doesn’t have the tang of high-quality plain yogurt but it comes fairly close. It is particularly good with a chopped apple, a handful of raisins, some unsalted peanuts and chia seeds. I’m crossing my fingers that I can find this in Ottawa…

Yoga Journal: it seems that whenever I come to Belgium I bring the most recent issue of Yoga Journal with me. I don’t read this magazine at home, but here in Belgium it just feels right. I guess because I’m always looking for ways to escape the constant bike racing thought cycle that happens when living with a bunch of bike racers. Well in recent weeks, I’ve become really into good ‘ol Yoga Journal, I’m guessing this partly has to do with not being able to do yoga right now – instead I’m reading about it, thinking about what it means to me and looking forward to getting back to MountainGoat Yoga for some hot power yoga.

Leuven: this city is one my faves in Belgium. When I first came to Belgium in 2007, Marc and I hit up this nearby city one afternoon and I was hooked. I discovered the Punto Cafe, the old town, the International Magazine Store and the charm of this university city. I’ve been to Antwerp and Brussels – I’ll take Leuven any day. Last week we visited the Leuven KerstMarkt – this was a lot of fun and really was a great way to chill out in the city. I haven’t got much time left here in Belgium and I’ve been thinking about visiting Antwerp again but I’m really leaning towards Leuven – this little city has stolen my heart. Besides, I need to hit up the Punto Cafe for a tasty soy latte and sumptuous chocolate brownie…

So there you have it, some things that I’m digging these days. It goes without saying that I’m really really digging all the great products that my sponsors have provided me with (but I thought you’d like a glimpse of my off-the-bike favourites). Well, really I do have to say my Lolë clothes have been a lifesaver here in Belgium – I’m looking sharp and staying warm thanks to this Canadian clothing company. And I’m definitely able to stay on my gluten-free/dairy-free diet when on on the move thanks to Clif Bar. (Sorry can’t help it – looking good and having a full tummy are critical to me…)

Alright, I’m off. I’ve got some virtual pavement pounding to do… Yes, looking for some new writing work – I’m open to pretty much anything and I can tell you now that there are two locations that I’m very interested in: Ottawa and Belgium…

7 thoughts on “Things I Dig

    • Very interesting! Thanks Brad for pointing this out. I’ll definitely read the post. I’ve done some reading about Paleo diets. It is funny, I’m attracted to both a Paleo diet and a Vegan diet – yes on the opposite ends of the spectrum!

      Thanks again for pointing out the post and for commenting on my blog!

      cheers, vicki

      • “It is funny, I’m attracted to both a Paleo diet and a Vegan diet – yes on the opposite ends of the spectrum! ”

        Ha! Me too! So I’m not the only one!

      • I think it is possible to find a happy balance between Paleo and Vegan – as crazy as that seems. IMO – limit refined foods, eliminate grains, eat vegan until 6:00 pm and have what you want for supper. I think the key is finding a way of eating that is good for your body, mind and soul. I like meat but I also like eating veggies – I don’t really want to be eating soy/tofu (no decent soy yogurt here in Ottawa) and due to the ulcerative colitis, I have to limit my grains and there is no gluten or dairy in my diet. But honestly, some days all I want to eat is chocolate and peanut butter!

        Thanks for commenting Lise! It has been a long time!

        cheers vicki

      • I agree, it’s a matter of balance. I’m wheat-free and dairy-free because my body says so. The rest, I use my judgment, which includes “listening” to my body at each meal decision time. I could go on and on about what I eat or don’t, but I’ll stop here! 🙂

        Sorry to hear about your fractured L3 and missing the winter cyclo-cross season. That sucks big time, especially since, if I got it correctly, your last year’s season was also nuked.

        Otherwise, looking at your pictures, you LOOK great!!!

    • HI Dad

      I watch the American version of The Killing. If you Google The Killing you should find an American website for it. I think it is an AMC show. Let me know if you can’t find it.

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