This has been a week of discoveries. Most of it good news with a little bit of mixed news thrown in for spice.

The good news is that I’m healing ahead of schedule. The good news is that my physiotherapist has identified some dormant muscles in my body – the little muscles around my spine and one of my glute muscles simply are not firing. So now I’m working to get these dormant muscles active and doing their job. The good news in this is that I’ll be stronger than when I started down this road of recovery. The good news is that I met with an excellent sports medicine doctor today and got to see some x-rays of my spine and learn more about my injury.

The mixed news is that I am not able to do any skiing, running, or yoga. The risk of falling is still too high and I need to give the vertebrae the full 12 weeks to heal. The mixed news is that the x-ray has revealed that I’m likely in the early stages of osteoporosis. Apparently given my family history combined with the malabsorption issues associated with ulcerative colitis – this is not surprising. I’ll know more after the bone density scan.

The good news is that I’m talking with my coach tomorrow to discuss training and racing plans for the upcoming road season. The good news is there is going to be lots of great local racing and organized rides on the schedule for us Ottawa folks. The good news is I’ve received some great feedback and advice from a friend who really knows European cyclocross so I’ve got some great advice and suggestions for how I can improve my skills for the upcoming season. The good news is that I’ve discovered an excellent programs to help pass the time on the trainer: modern Sherlock by BBC One.

Yes, things are good. And I’m pretty darn confident they’re only going to get gooder… 🙂

2 thoughts on “Progress

    • Not really a word but I felt like using it! I don’t think it will pass any spell checks and make it into any technical documentation!

      cheers, vicki

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