Quiet Around Here

Sorry for my absence of late from this spot on the WWW. I would like to tell you that I’ve been busy with this and that. But really, life has been pretty quiet and uneventful. Since I’m not racing right now or even in a recovery week getting ready for the big show this weekend, it can be hard to come up with blog posts at times.

Now, not to say that I’ve been sitting on my hands here – just that I guess I’m at a bit of a loss for words. I am back on the trainer and in the full-swing of a training program that will see me ready for racing in April, but these 90 minute rides on the trainer aren’t giving much in the way of creativity. It’s funny really. When I’m out riding my bike on the road I have a hard time quieting my brain and just getting into the groove of riding and focusing on the ride/work-out – sometimes I don’t even “hear” the music or podcast in my headphones. But when I’m on the trainer, my brain is quiet – really quiet. I’m focused on the wattage, cadence, stop watch and whatever is happening on the television screen in front of me.

So what this adds up to right now is a whole lot less thinking… Yep, out on the open road I’m thinking, I’m planning, I’m scheming, I’m writing blog posts in my head. On the trainer, I’m simply training. I’m guessing this is a coping mechanism to get through the trainer rides – if I do start thinking I begin to obsess over the time “how much more time do I have left?” and this is never good when riding the trainer. True fact – time slows down when riding the trainer and watching the seconds tick by.

There you have it. While my legs are busy working getting fit and strong – my brain appears to be a bit dormant. I’d also like to chalk this lack of recent brain action to the reality that I’m working more now. I’m writing a lot of different content on a range of topics that sometimes boggles my mind. When I get on that trainer, it really is to take a break and let myself escape.

Hmm, escape. Funny word really – I’m not trying to escape from my writing work – I really do enjoy it. But sometimes, my brain feels full and my fingers seem to get a bit slow and chunky when trying to write a new article for a client. The trainer is detached from all of this and I can be a bike racer again.

Now when I think about the words I’ve just written, I realize I may have written an ode of sorts to the trainer… Admittedly my time on the trainer actually helps me ignore the reality of the situation – that I’m not in Belgium recovering from a race or getting ready for another one. Instead I watch old ‘cross races and cheer on my racing idols or I watch live broadcasts of World Cups and shout at my friends as they do their darndest out on their ‘cross bikes. (And when I’ve exhausted these viewing options I turn to trusty Netflix for movies that Marc doesn’t want to watch…)

Take what you want from this. But suffice it to say things are quiet around here but at least they’re not boring.

(Super excited to watch the fast women duke it out on Sunday in Koksijde. Koksijde is such an awesome race course – the sand is a beast and while it can be cruel and unforgiving there is an amazing feeling of satisfaction to ride through a section or hop on the bike on a rather steep sandy descent and come out on the other side smiling. Oh and the fans – the fans at Koksijde are like none other – with each lap they seem to get louder and closer. There is nothing quite like racing in Koksijde, Belgium – lucky folks those girls and guys who are lining up on Saturday and Sunday to show off their nation’s colours and race around in the big sandbox.) Definitely a moment and experience to savour.)

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